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Things You Can Do to Prepare For Hurricane Season

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While you may not always know exactly when a hurricane is going to happen, if you live in a region that is susceptible to hurricanes, it’s incredibly important to be prepared for them, especially during peak hurricane season. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few ways that you can help stay prepared for a hurricane should one be on its way in your town.

Pack an Emergency Bag Should You Need to Evacuate

If a hurricane is predicted to be extremely dangerous, it’s entirely possible that you may have to evacuate your home for some amount of time. If you live in a region that is at high risk of experiencing hurricanes, you should always be prepared for the possibility of having to up and leave. With this in mind, having an emergency bag ready to go will ensure that you won’t be in a state of panic while also being prepared.

A key part of an emergency bag is nonperishable food items, from soups to dehydrated noodles and bottled water. You may not have power, making the possibility of cooking anything to be very unlikely, so make sure that you have a supply of nonperishable foods to get you through a few days. If you feel like you may need to do some simple cooking, like boiling water to make pasta or rice, purchasing a small camp stove can assist you in this regard. If you’re a pet owner, make sure that you have enough food to feed your furry friends for a few days as well.

In addition to food and water, you should also have a handful of other items in your emergency bag. Important documents like birth certificates, social security cards and the like will be difficult to replace, so keeping those with you will be incredibly helpful. Additionally, make sure that you also have IDs and passports for you and your family members, as well as a list of important phone numbers. Finally, a change of clothes, personal hygiene items and medications should all be in your emergency bag as well.

Make Your Interior Safer

While you can’t control what happens outside during a hurricane, you can do plenty of things to make the indoors safer for you during extreme weather conditions. Moving larger electronics away from windows and unplugging them will help protect your home from surges. Things like televisions, stereo systems, lamps and other larger items should all be unplugged and moved away from windows.

Another thing to remember about hurricanes is the possibility of flooding, so you’re going to want to make sure that your home is free of any places that water could leak into. Even a small bit of water can cause damage to your home, so inspecting your windows for any cracks or openings is essential. Seal off any cracks you find using caulk. Remedying these things in advance of a hurricane is a relatively simple fix, and this small move can be a great help during extreme weather conditions.

Check On Your Pets

While hurricanes are extremely stressful for us as humans, animals are just as distressed by extreme weather conditions and can be easily traumatized from having experienced them. If you’re the sort of person with pets, then you probably care greatly about their well-being and comfort. With this in mind, making sure that your home is comfortable for them during these stressful conditions is essential to keeping them happy. Surrounding them with some of their favorite toys and blankets will help keep them feeling more comforted. Also, trying to at least partially block off the windows can prevent them from seeing what’s happening outdoors, a small thing that can also help them feel at ease and less stressed.

Hurricane Protection Products in Houston

The most important way to prepare for a hurricane is to invest in hurricane protection products, and at Houston Hurricane and Security Products, we are committed to providing home and business owners in Houston with the best products and services available. From window shutters to flood barriers and beyond, we aim to keep you, your family and your property safe. To learn more about our hurricane protection products, get in touch with us today.