Accordion Shutters

Easy and Affordable Protection When You Need it Most!

Accordion shutters are an affordable, easy-to-use hurricane shutter system. This system uses extruded aluminum blades that expand along a top and bottom track, locking together to protect you and your family from the effects of a hurricane or intrusion. They offer zero tool operation from both inside and outside the opening. Give yourself peace of mind the next time a storm is approaching with accordion shutters!

Accordion Shutter Options

  • Wall Track - Used to attach shutters to vertical walls. Available in flush, 1" and 2" build out variations.
  • Ceiling Track - Used to attach shutters to overhead structures.
  • Floor Track - Used to attach shutters to ground structures. Available in 1/2 round walk over model and two-piece adjustable model for uneven surfaces.
  • Push-Button Lock - Spring-loaded lock that is pushed in to secure shutter closed. It will open with a small key.
  • Box Lock - Deadbolt style lock that requires a standard key to lock and unlock. Much stronger than the push-button model.

Color Options

  • White
  • Bronze
  • Beige
  • Ivory
  • Have a custom color in mind, contact us!

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Protection with the Push of a Button

Roll-up shutters are the easiest to use and the most popular shutter system on the Texas Coast. They offer exceptional hurricane protection, security, and privacy — all with a variety of control options.

How do they work? A curtain of extruded aluminum slats rolls off the overhead axle and down a set of tracks. The slats then stack on top of each other, forming a rigid barrier against any flying debris or break-in. When not in use, the slats roll back onto the axle concealed by the aluminum hood.

Control Options

  • Manual Gear - Operated with a detachable crank handle that can be installed on both interior and exterior.
  • Standard Motor - Electric motor (110v) that can be controlled by a wired switch or handheld remote.
  • Standard Motor with Manual Override - Electric motor (110v) that can be controlled by a wired switch or handheld remote and also has a gearbox attached that allows for manual operation in case of power loss.
  • Smart Motor - Electric motor (110v) that can be controlled by handheld remote or by most smartphones. The smart motor series is also available with manual override.

Color Options

  • White

  • Bronze

  • Beige

  • Ivory

  • Gray

  • Custom colors available upon request.

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