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You Can Rely on Our Quality Accordion Shutters for Hurricane Protection

Accordion storm shutters offer you the ultimate value in hurricane protection. When you consider cost, ease of use, and protection, it is no wonder accordion shutters are considered as one of the best hurricane shutter types. As the name suggests, these hurricane protection shutters unfold accordion-style to cover and protect windows, doors, and other openings during severe storms when high wind and rain, windborne debris, and other damaging conditions exist.

At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we offer an extensive selection of hurricane accordion shutters. Our accordion shutters are fabricated of high strength, thicker extruded aluminum material that can withstand high winds and impacts from projectile objects. When hurricane season comes around, our accordion storm shutters are the top choice for residential and commercial property owners throughout the Texas Coast who want the highest degree of hurricane window protection available.

The Benefits of

Accordion Shutters

  • Constructed from heavy-duty, premium aluminum alloy

  • Superior impact resistance, even during major storms

  • Unparalleled ease of operation, glides smoothly and locks securely

  • Can be used on windows, doors, patios, balconies, and more

  • Offered in various colors to match the exterior of your building

  • Easy to store when not in use

  • Available in custom sizes to fit any window and door openings

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Watch as Frank gives a demonstration of our product lineup. We have a number of solutions for any home, so please contact us so we can help determine which product would be the best solution from protecting your home from hurricanes or vandalism. Or See our entire product lineup here

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Features of Hurricane Fabric


Storm Protection

The extruded aluminum slats of accordion shutters are designed to effectively block strong winds and provide the ultimate protection against impacts.


Easy To Operate

When a storm is approaching, accordion hurricane shutters are easy to operate. The aluminum slats glide smoothly and lock securely in place with ease.

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Enhanced Security

In addition to storm protection, accordion shutters can be used to increase security. When closed, the durable aluminum protects against forced entry.


Minimal Visual Impact

Our versatile roll-down hurricane shutters are available in different design options that can match well with virtually all exteriors.

How Do Accordion Shutters Work?

An accordion shutter system uses extruded aluminum blades that expand along a top and bottom track, securely locking together for maximum protection against storms, high-winds, and impacts from wind-driven debris. When a storm or hurricane nears, the aluminum slats can manually glide into their closed position. Few other hurricane shutter systems are this fast or easy to deploy which also makes them a great option for home or business security shutters — simply close the shutters while you are away to secure your home or business from intruders. When the shutters are not needed, they can conveniently be stored away until they are needed again.

At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we carry a variety of that are designed to offer the protection the home and business owners throughout the Texas Coast rely on come hurricane season.

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Wall Track Shutters

Floor & Ceiling Track Shutters

Floor & Ceiling Track Shutters

Floor tracks can be used to attach accordion shutters to overhead structures. Ground tracks are used to attach shutters to a ground structure.

Floor & Ceiling Track Shutters

Push Button Lock Shutters

Push Button Lock Shutters

This unique accordion shutter system features a spring-loaded lock that is pushed in to secure the shutters closed. It can be opened with a small key.

Push Button Lock Shutters

Box-Lock Shutters

Box-Lock Shutters

Box-lock-style accordion shutter systems feature a deadbolt-style locking mechanism that requires a standard key to lock and unlock.

Box-Lock Shutters

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Aesthetically-Pleasing Protection

When you think of traditional hurricane window protection, you probably picture a home or business boarded up with plywood. Hurricane shutters are meant to eliminate the need for unsightly plywood and have come a long way in terms of design and visual appeal.

At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, our accordion hurricane shutters are available in a selection of neutral tones. This makes it easy to find a shutter system that will provide your home or business with the protection it needs, without sacrificing the exterior curb appeal.

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Floor & Ceiling Track Shutters

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