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Enhance Hurricane Protection With Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are incredibly popular in tropical regions. Not only are they a stylish way to achieve increased sun shading and privacy, but they also protect your home or business during hurricanes and stormy weather. These unique exterior hurricane shutters can be opened at a 45-degree angle or completely closed, making it easy for homeowners and businesses to choose the degree of protection and privacy desired.

At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we offer high-quality, durable Bahama hurricane shutters manufactured of extruded aluminum and are designed to withstand the worst storm conditions, including high winds and flying debris, with simple and minimal preparation. Contact us today to learn more about exterior aluminum Bahama shutters or to schedule a free consultation.


The Benefits of Hurricane Bahama Shutters

  • Provide excellent hurricane protection and security

  • Constructed from extruded aluminum material

  • Strong enough to withstand harsh storms and winds

  • Great for home and businesses in areas with high risk of hurricane conditions

  • More aesthetically pleasing than regular aluminum hurricane shutters

  • Offers convenient light, ventilation, and privacy control

  • Available in different louver options to meet your unique wants and needs

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Watch as Frank gives a demonstration of our product lineup. We have a number of solutions for any home, so please contact us so we can help determine which product would be the best solution from protecting your home from hurricanes or vandalism. Or See our entire product lineup here

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Storm Protection

Bahama shutters are resiliently designed to protect your exterior and windows from high winds, airborne debris, and heavy rain.


Simple Operation

Bahama shutters are top-hinged with adjustable arms that allow them to easily be opened at a 45-degree angle or completely closed.


Shade & Light Regulation

Bahama shutters can also filter out unwanted sunlight, perfect for the hot, sunny months that the Texas Coast is accustomed to.


Architecturally Pleasing

Bahama shutters are more aesthetically pleasing than regular aluminum hurricane shutters and will help enhance your exterior.

How Do Hurricane Bahama Shutters Work?

Bahama shutters from Houston Hurricane & Security Products are installed over windows to provide shade, ornamental value, and — most importantly — the ultimate storm protection. They are installed on the exterior of a home or commercial building. The one-piece shutter is mounted above a window. They are hinged at the top, making it easy to open them to a 45-degree angle when you want to let in more sunlight or pull them over your windows before a storm rolls in. When closed, they protect against impact and can prevent dramatic pressure changes inside your home.

Since our hurricane Bahama shutters are permanently affixed to your home or business, you don’t have to worry about finding storage space for them. These one-piece louvered aluminum shutters can be ready to face any storm conditions within minutes by a single person. Some of the different Bahama shutter systems we offer include:

Manual Rolling Shutters

Manual Rolling Shutters

Operated with a detachable crank handle

Full View Shutters

Automatic/Manual Rolling Shutters

Automatic/Manual Rolling Shutters

Controlled electronically with an attached gearbox that allows for manual operation

Impact Shutters

Decorative Shutters

Decorative Shutters

This decorative shutter system features hollow extruded aluminum louvers for a traditional and stylish appearance but without the TDI approval for hurricane shutter use. Use them for exterior accents, shade, or privacy.

Decorative Shutters

C & Z Shutters

C & Z Shutters

Economy Bahama shutter systems from C & Z Shutters feature roll-formed louvers that are for decorative purposes. These cost-effective shutters do not have the TDI classification for storm protection like our other hurricane shutters.

C & Z Shutters

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Providing Protection With Style

Like other hurricane shutters, Bahama shutters from Houston Hurricane & Security Products are constructed with sturdy aluminum material to provide your home or business with the exterior storm protection you need. Their sleek and stylish design will surely add to any residential or commercial curb appeal. Our Bahama hurricane shutters also are available in a variety of colors to fit with your existing architectural style.

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