How To Avoid Property Damage In A Hurricane

How To Avoid Property Damage In A Hurricane

As residents of Houston, we all know the potential danger of a hurricane nearing our city or even making landfall. In the event of this happening, many homeowners are invested in finding ways to protect themselves, their families, and of course, their property from damage. At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we understand the need to protect your property and your family, which is why we’ve created products to better protect you in the event of a hurricane. Today, we discuss ways to protect your property from damage during a hurricane.

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How Can You Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage?

First and foremost, the best way to protect your home from hurricane damage is to take precautions and be prepared before you ever need to worry about it. This means adding hurricane protection to your home in the form of hurricane shutters or other types of hurricane window protection. These shutters and window protection products will not only help to keep the interior of your home dry, safe, and protected, but they will help to ensure that your windows do not break, shatter, or chip in high winds or from flying debris. In addition to these precautions, you can also protect your home with home hurricane insurance options, which are available from many insurance providers.

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What Causes All The Property Damage From A Hurricane?

Most of the property damage that comes from hurricanes is caused by flying debris and flooding from high winds, higher ocean waters, and torrential downpours. This means that protecting your home and your property requires taking precautions against flooding, debris, and water damage. With hurricane shutters or other hurricane window protections, you can help to prevent water from seeping in through your windows, as well as protect your home’s weak points (the glass of your windows) from flying debris. Flooding protection from Houston Hurricane & Security Protection include removable flood barriers that can help to minimize flooding and damage to your property.

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What Are The 3 Things That Can Minimize Storm Damage?

Protecting your property from storm damage can be as simple as obtaining the right protections that are designed to prevent water damage, wind damage, and damage from debris. At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we have three major categories of home and property protection options that you can choose from to help protect your property: Hurricane Shutters, Architectural Louvers, and Flood Barriers. Each of these work on their own to help protect your property by adding strength and architectural integrity to your home, but if you have all three together, they work in tandem to provide your home and property with the best protection from the rain, wind, and floods that is so often damaging.

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What Type Of Damage Is Caused By A Hurricane?

The types of damage caused by hurricanes can very widely, depending on the severity of the weather, if the hurricane makes landfall, and other factors. However, the most commonly seen forms of damage are wind damage to homes, plants, outdoor home accessories (furniture, playground equipment, etc.), water damage to those same items as well as flooding damage to the foundation of homes or lower floors of buildings, and rain or hail damage to cars, roofs, plants, and windows. To help prevent these kinds of damage, you can take precautions to ensure that any outdoor furniture or playground equipment are placed inside of a shed or protective shelter. You can help to protect your potted plants by bringing them inside your home, and cover your outdoor plants and bushes with protective coverings. Of course, to help prevent flood damage to your home, plants, and interior belongings, placing flood barriers at the vulnerable areas of your property is recommended.

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What Are The Three Most Damaging Effects Of A Hurricane?

When a hurricane is over, the damaging effects of the wind, rain, and more are not always over. The three most damaging effects of a hurricane include property damage, aftereffects of the damage, and financial burdens caused by that damage. If your home wasn’t damaged in an obvious way, but there are leaks in your roof or small areas of water damage that go unnoticed, one of the potential aftereffects of this is mold or mildew growing in your home, leading to costly restoration and repair services. In addition to those services, unprotected homeowners may experience financial hardship if they were unprepared for the damage of a storm and the costs associated with remedying or repairing the damage done. Of course, if you’re prepared with hurricane protection in the form of hurricane shutters, architectural louvers, flood barriers, and even insurance, you’re less likely to experience these forms of damaging effects of a hurricane.

At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we’re committed to providing Houston homeowners and residents with the high-quality hurricane protection and security options and services they need to keep their homes and businesses safe from damage. Learn more about our products, or get a free estimate from our team today!