Important Areas To Protect In A Hurricane

Important Areas To Protect In A Hurricane

Houston Hurricane & Security Products knows it can be a scary time when a hurricane is approaching your home. You’re worried about evacuation plans, empty grocery stores, and long lines at the gas station. Don’t let your home be one more thing you’re worried about. We’ve compiled the top four areas in your home that should be protected before a hurricane. Don’t have time to do it yourself? Contact Houston Hurricane & Security Products, and we’ll take care of installing all your home’s hurricane protections.

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The most important thing in your home to protect during a hurricane is your windows. Not only do they keep your home from being overrun with rain, but broken glass can also wreak havoc on your interior. Hurricane shutters are a foolproof measure to protect your home’s windows from damage during a hurricane.

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When flooding happens during a hurricane, basements are often the first thing to see damage. Protect your basement with flood barriers that can easily be erected right before a storm.

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An errant branch or piece of debris can easily rip a hole in your pool's liner during the intense winds of a hurricane. Protect your pools when those category fours hit with a pool cover and buckle it down tight to keep the wind from catching it and blowing it away.

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Doors and Entrances

This goes for front doors and garage doors alike. Make sure they are fastened and bolted shut. Also, remember to plug any gaps where wind and water could get through.

Protect Your Home Against Hurricanes

Preparing your home during the chaos of an impending hurricane can be stressful. Make sure you cover these main parts of your home before you evacuate or hunker down, and contact Houston Hurricane & Security Products for all your hurricane-proofing needs.

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