Riding the Storm: Hurricane Season 2023 Kicks Off with a Bang

Riding the Storm: Hurricane Season 2023 Kicks Off with a Bang

Hold on tight, Houston, Galveston, and surrounding areas! Hurricane Season 2023 is off to a swift start, catching us by surprise with three named tropical storms already making their presence felt. At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we know the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. As we head into the heart of hurricane season, our team is here to share essential tips to keep you safe and secure during the stormy days ahead.

Storm clouds, with birds escaping the weather

Forecast & Expectations

Supervising meteorologist Brandon Miller, reveals that this season could see a "near-normal" hurricane forecast with 12 to 17 named tropical storms, including the possibility of five to nine hurricanes. To make things even more daunting, up to four of these hurricanes could reach major status, Category 3 or stronger. The early start of the season with three named tropical storms already signifies the need to stay vigilant and prepared.

At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we understand the significance of early preparation. With record-hot ocean temperatures in the Atlantic, the threat of numerous major hurricanes becomes all too real. We urge you to take proactive steps to safeguard your homes and businesses during this potentially active season.

Dark earth, indicating climate change

Climate Change & Hurricane Impact

Climate editor Angela Fritz points out that, while climate change might not be causing more hurricanes, it is undoubtedly altering their behavior in concerning ways. With hurricanes holding more moisture, leading to intense flooding rainfall, and storm surges rising due to higher sea levels, our coastal communities face new challenges.

Houston Hurricane & Security Products is dedicated to providing solutions to address these climate-related impacts. From flood barriers to architectural louvers, our range of products can fortify your properties, offering an added layer of protection when hurricanes strike.

Essentials for a hurricane, supplies

Essential Preparedness Tips

Field meteorologist, Derek Van Dam, emphasizes the importance of readiness. Before a hurricane's potential landfall, it's crucial to prepare an emergency kit, charge your devices, fill your gas tanks, and plan evacuation routes. Waiting until the last minute can be risky, as emergency services may be unavailable once tropical storm-force winds hit.

At Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we stand ready to assist you in hurricane preparedness. Our expert team can guide you in selecting the right products to reinforce your properties, ensuring you and your loved ones are safe during the storm.

A hurricane off the coast of Florida

Understanding Hurricane Buzzwords

Meteorologist Chad Myers shares valuable hurricane buzzwords to help you stay informed. From understanding landfall and the forecast cone to recognizing rapid intensification and the impact of El Niño, being well-versed in these terms empowers you to make informed decisions during hurricane season.

As Hurricane Season 2023 unfolds, Houston Hurricane & Security Products is here to be your trusted partner in storm preparedness. Together, let's weather the storms with resilience and fortitude. Stay secure, stay safe, and remember, we are just a call away!

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