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When you live by the ocean, tropical storms and hurricanes are just a part of life. That being said, that doesn't mean you have to accept hurricane damage as something that just comes with the territory. Here at Houston Hurricane & Security Products, we offer a wide range of Galveston, Texas hurricane and security products to protect your home or business. Learn more about our top-rated hurricane shutters and window protection below, and contact us for a free quote today!

Hurricane Shutters & Window Protection We Offer


Roll-Up Shutters

Hurricane roll-up shutters roll up and down, making them easy to use and out of the way when not in use. These hurricane shutters are constructed from durable and strong aluminum and come in manual and automatic options. Protect your Galveston, Texas, home with these hurricane and security products today.


Bahama Shutters

Hurricane Bahama shutters are some of the most popular types of Galveston, Texas hurricane and security products we offer. Beautiful by design, these shutters attach above the window and offer durable protection for years to come. If you are interested in these hurricane shutters, contact us today.


TAPCO Screens

TAPCO screens are excellent Galveston, Texas hurricane and security products to add to your home or business in Galveston. These hurricane screens offer a modern, sleek appearance and can be installed in a variety of ways to suit your needs, including directly on the window, outside or inside. Learn more about these hurricane screens today.


Accordion Shutters

Hurricane accordion shutters offer wonderful impact resistance and can be used on windows, doors, patios, balconies, and more, giving them great versatility. These Galveston, Texas hurricane and security products can be customized to any size of window openings. Call to get started today.


Colonial Shutters

Hurricane colonial shutters offer a beautiful aesthetic and wonderful storm protection. These Galveston, Texas hurricane and security products slip easily into a track system installed around your windows. You can remove these hurricane window shutters when not in use. Learn more today.


Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane fabric is an efficient and effective alternative to traditional plywood or shutters. They work well when other types of shutter systems are simply impractical. These Galveston, Texas hurricane and security products form an excellent barrier to flying projectiles and blowing wind. Get started today.


Hurricane Panels

Hurricane panels offer heavy-duty hurricane protection for your Galveston home or business. Made from galvanized steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate plastic, you can expect a rock-solid hurricane shutter system for years to come. Call Houston Hurricane & Security Products today.


Window Film

Hurricane window film is designed to hold shattered glass in place. Thus, in the event of a hurricane, if your residential or commercial windows break, you will be protected from flying glass debris hurting anyone. Call about this Galveston, Texas hurricane and security products today.

Other Galveston, Texas Hurricane & Security Products We Offer


Flood Barriers

Removable flood barriers are another way to protect your Galveston home or business from flash floods or hurricane flooding. These hurricane barriers work to keep the waters away from your foundations and are easy to install. Learn more today.


Architectural Louvers

Hurricane architectural louvers are a wonderful Galveston, Texas hurricane and security product. Not only do they look great on your home, but they keep water, noise, and block the sun's rays. Learn more about this hurricane shutter today.


Houston Hurricane & Security Products has been serving the residents and business owners of Houston, Galveston, and the surrounding area since 2009 with the best hurricane shutters and security products. We offer custom solutions for your needs at affordable prices with top-notch installation and customer service. Get a free quote today!

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