Five Big Benefits of Accordion Shutters For Houston Hurricane Protection

Five Big Benefits of Accordion Shutters For Houston Hurricane Protection

When it comes to protecting your Texas home, it’s important to not just worry about security from intruders and potential break-ins. Storm season in Houston, Galveston, and other surrounding communities can unleash harsh rain and wind that can cause serious damage to your property. However, you have the power to take critical steps now that can have long-lasting positive effects on your and your family’s future. Houston Hurricane & Security Products is your partner when it comes to making your Texas home a safe place to live, both during hurricane season and post-hurricane season.

One of the signature industry-leading products our business supplies to homeowners across Houston and Galveston is accordion shutters. These residential window treatments are designed to unfold — just like an accordion — that are designed to cover and protect windows, doors, and other openings during severe weather. Created with thick, high-strength aluminum, our accordion shutters for Houston hurricane protection are perfect for protecting your property from flying projectiles and strong rain or wind. However, the benefits of these shutters don’t stop there — these window treatments go beyond safety and make excellent everyday additions to your home.

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Makes Storm Preparation Easier

Accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection are perfect for making your storm preparation routine just a little bit easier. The idea behind these window treatments from Houston Hurricane & Security Products is to be incredibly easy to operate amid potential emergencies when everything around you is already fast-paced. Our shutters, once installed, glide smoothly and lock securely, allowing every opening in your home — from windows to doors — to be protected during Texas’ seasons of severe weather.

However, our accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection go beyond functionality. Once you contact our team for your initial consultation and move forward with the installation, the accordion shutters stay affixed to your home 24/7. This means when you and your family get the first warning of a potential harsh storm, you can spend just a few minutes closing the shutters, as opposed to digging them out of storage and installing them on the spot. When you partner with Houston Hurricane & Security Products, you can ensure your home is protected instantly and spend your valuable time focusing on other storm preparation measures. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection!


No Storage Necessary

Because hurricane season in Houston and Galveston is only one small section of the calendar year, it’s possible for more traditional methods of storm protection to require storage. For homeowners who go with other forms of protection outside of accordion shutters, the off-season will require them to uninstall any shutters and put them in storage for later. However, Houston Hurricane & Security Products is changing all this by providing hurricane protection — and everyday security protection — that can stay attached to your home’s exterior all year-round.

Our accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection do not require any sort of storage. When these shutters are not in use protecting your property and family from harsh storms, they fold up nicely to reveal the window or door underneath. Similar to how traditional window blinds collapse, our accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection can be a part of your home across all seasons without the need for take-down and storage. This critical feature saves you the trouble of getting your home ready for storm season every single year; all you need to do is close the shutters for instant protection. Learn more by contacting Houston Hurricane & Security Products today!


Incredible Versatile Use

While the original idea behind our accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection is to prepare your home for storm season, they are also excellent for a variety of uses. After you partner with Houston Hurricane & Security Products and commit to installing these shutters on your Houston or Galveston area home, you can expect to use them both during and outside of hurricane season.

Accordion shutters are versatile primarily because of where they can be installed on your home. While it’s common to think storm protection measures are only installed on windows and doors, accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection can also cover your patios and balconies. No matter where your home has an opening to the outside, our products can ensure they’re secure from strong winds, heavy rain, and flying projectiles. However, the versatile nature of these accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection goes beyond their location. Our durable, strong shutters are capable of protecting your home from would-be intruders when you go to sleep at night or when you’re away from your home. Potential burglars will be unable to gain access to your home, which means your possessions and family members will be safe!


Available In Several Colors

The idea behind accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection is that they become permanent fixtures on your home’s exterior. Whether they’re used solely during storm season or are used for everyday security during the off-season, these shutters are designed to stay put and ready whenever you need them. However, much like any other addition to your home, it’s important for them to compliment the color scheme and overall aesthetic of your residential property. This is a concept Houston Hurricane & Security Products has mastered since our products can be customized with different colors.

Accordion shutters For Houston hurricane protection can provide both security and curb appeal when they’re installed by our Houston Hurricane & Security Products staff members. No matter how often you choose to use them, our shutters can be customized to fit your Houston or Galveston home’s current color scheme. Several different colors are available from our company to make your residential security system more visually appealing, including white, bronze, beige, ivory, and gray. When you partner with us, you can have essential protection from severe weather as well as a functional, aesthetically-pleasing addition to your home. Discover all our different design options by contacting us directly!

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Don’t take any chances when it comes to protecting your home from severe weather and burglars. Houston Hurricane & Security Products, established in 2009, is excited to provide the heavy-duty, premium aluminum alloy shutters you need to prevent expensive damage to your residential property. Not only can our products be customized to fit any sized window, door, or opening into your home, but they can also be constructed in several different colors. A partnership with our company allows you to reap the rewards of both enhanced curb appeal and enhance security no matter the weather.

Our mission at Houston Hurricane & Security Products is to provide a helpful service that protects you both during the hurricane season and during the off-season. Our company is proud to provide a variety of window protection products that can prevent you from relying on plywood, all of which are durable, can be installed easily, and are entirely compliant with municipal codes. If you’re unsure which shutter type is best for your home, learn more about all the different options we provide. If you’re ready to get started on your next home improvement project, get in touch with us now for a free consultation!