How To Choose The Best Hurricane Shutters

How To Choose The Best Hurricane Shutters

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas and Louisiana, devastating much of the coast, causing catastrophic flooding, and claiming more than 100 lives. Living in the south means learning to live in dangerously inclement weather.

And when you’re from the south, like Houston Hurricane & Security Products of Texas, you know the value of durable home equipment. So if you’re looking to protect your home, or if you’re thinking of moving to Texas, read on to learn how to pick the best hurricane shutters, or contact us today for expert advice.

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Choose Hurricane Shutters Based on Durability

First, and most importantly, hurricane shutters need to be durable and built for inclement weather. You should expect your shutters to stand up to torrential rain, hurtling debris, and blasting-hurricane force winds. Finding the right hurricane shutters can help you protect vulnerable glass windows, doors, and other openings from damage.

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Choose Based on Code Compliance

Hurricane shutters should also be compliant with your county’s regulations. Some counties require shutters to stand up to a certain pressure or load. Failure to comply could net you some fines, and your shutters might not be as effective in a storm.

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Choose Your Hurricane Shutters Based on Ease of Installation

An easy-to-install set of hurricane shutters is essential for when a storm looms. The faster you can deploy your shutters, the less damage your windows, doors, and openings will take. We recommend browsing our Houston Colonial Shutters, as they’re permanently attached to your windows. No need to rush an install during a storm with these shutters — simply fold them closed.

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Choose Based on Your Storage Space

Storage is an important consideration when buying hurricane shutters. Because most shutters aren’t permanently affixed to your window, doors, or other openings, you’ll need a place to store them when you’re not using them. If you didn’t know, hurricane shutters are made of metal, are cumbersome, and difficult to manage without a proper storage solution.

Hurricane shutters in the south aren’t a “nice-to-have” item around your home. If you’re serious about protecting your home from serious damage, you’ll need to speak to the experts at Houston Colonial. Shutters. We’ll help you decide on the best hurricane shutters for your home, and give you peace of mind.

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