Four MORE Types Of Hurricane Shutters For Your Home

Four MORE Types Of Hurricane Shutters For Your Home

Every year when hurricane season approaches, home and business owners rush to install plywood over their windows and doors to protect their properties from high-winds, rain, and flying debris. Plywood is bulky and hard to store in between hurricane seasons, and installing it is a time-consuming job that can damage your home’s structure in the process. Plywood also ruins the aesthetic appeal of your home and can harm the way people view your business. If you’re ready to ditch the plywood, here are four types of hurricane shutters that you can use to protect your home or business. Read on to learn more, and contact Houston Hurricane & Security Products to get the best hurricane protection products for your needs!

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exterior of home with hurricane fabric

Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane Fabric is an effective and convenient option for those looking to upgrade the hurricane protection of their home. These light-weight, woven fabric panels are coated with an advanced, high-strength material capable of withstanding wind-blown rain and impacts from flying projectiles. Installation is simple, and hurricane fabric can easily be deployed over windows, doors, and other openings at a moment’s notice. This state-of-the-art product is especially useful for homes and businesses with openings that traditional hurricane shutter systems won’t fit, and you can order it in custom sizes to get the precise protection you need. There are even translucent hurricane fabrics that offer a secure barrier between you and the elements while still allowing natural light into your structure. Contact Houston Hurricane & Security Products to find the right hurricane fabric for your needs!

exterior of home with hurricane colonial panel

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

If you’re tired of spoiling your building’s curb appeal with plywood every hurricane season, colonial hurricane shutters might be the perfect solution for you. These stalwart hurricane shutters can enhance the look of a home or building while providing reliable protection against harrowing storm conditions, intruders, and other outside threats. Houston Hurricane & Security Products offers a variety of colonial hurricane shutters to your security, budget, and architectural needs, including:

  • Full-View Shutters

  • Impact Shutters

  • Board & Batten Shutters

  • Decorative Shutters

  • Raised Panel Shutters

  • C & Z Shutters

exterior of home with hurricane panel

Hurricane Panels

Hurricane panels are a terrific option for homes and businesses in areas at frequent and high risk of hurricane conditions. All it takes is a simple, one-time installation, and you’ll be ready to pop your panels into the anchors around your doors and windows at the first sign of a storm. Houston Hurricane & Security products can handle the installation for you, and the corrugated, space-saving design of the panels makes them easy to store when not in use. We offer steel, aluminum, and LEXAN material options to fit the window protection and budget needs of all our customers, and we can connect you with flexible financing options through our trusted lending partner. Don’t wait until things go south. Contact us today to find out if hurricane panels are the right choice for your home or business.

exterior of home with hurricane window film

Hurricane Window Film

Have you ever seen a nice home or building without plywood or hurricane shutters over their windows and wondered what in the world they are thinking? They may have already discovered the benefits of hurricane window film! Hurricane window film is a cost-effective solution for those who want to protect their interiors against shattered glass, water, and wind-borne debris without altering the appearance of their exterior. As an added bonus, window security film deters criminals by making it more challenging for intruders to smash your windows and gain access to your home. Houston Hurricane & Security Products is proud to be a trusted installer of Madico® safety and security film, and we can set you up with the best system for your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Since 2009, Houston Hurricane & Security Products has provided the communities of Houston, Galveston, and the surrounding areas with high-quality hurricane protection and security products at competitive prices. Visit our website to learn more about all of the hurricane shutters that we have available, and contact us today!